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Intelligent Augmentation Automation in Managed Health Care Operations

The Pareto Automation Brand in the center is the perfect representation of technology and human collaboration that is known as “Augmentation”. Where Automation (LEFT) provides the “Power” and Humans (RIGHT) the “Intelligence” through a seamless synergy! 

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Robotic Operating Centers and Robotic Operation Teams - The Time has Come!

So you got your Center of Excellence in place and you wonder what's next?  That's easy, a Robotic Operating Center.  You have one of those?  Well then take it to the next level with a Robotics Operations Team!  Read about it on the AI & Intelligent Automation Network!  https://www.aiia.net/robotic-process-automation/articles/what-is-a-robot-operating-center

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No Problem!  You can still find out how to take Managed Health Care Claim Automation to the next level without expensive AI Tech that isn't ready yet. Find out how at my free presentation. Couldn't attend? 

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How does your Managed Health Care Claim Operations Automation stack up against the "State of the Art"?  Find out with this 55 page "How To" from recognized Thought Leader and Practitioner.  Includes One Hour Consultation for Q&A.

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